Fishers Art Fund

Fisher’s Art Fund was established following an auto accident on 9/30/15. 
Fisher Simon was a 5 year old boy with his eyes wide open and completely excited about everything! 
He was a young enthusiastic boy with all the potential in the world. He loved to draw and paint. He made every effort to make huge messes or concoctions if you will, just to create and produce amazing works of art or new inventions. He especially enjoyed Wednesdays which were known as “Paint Day”. He had just started kindergarten and was so excited about learning and growing. 
He was new to the school system, but was eager to learn. His life was cut short of any opportunities to contribute to the Arts. 
To remember his life, his joy, and his happiness. We simply ask that you hug your love ones and truly cherish them!  We are passing his legacy on in the form of contributions to the Art’s in Benzie County.  This memorial will be handed out as decided to respectful candidates to help the young people in the community and enrich their lives with art. 
Anyone wishing to contribute or assist with an art dream are encouraged to ask for this fund. Projects that require art supplies, art classes or field trips for inspirations. We will give money, as needed to keep Fisher’s dream alive!  We encourage all!  
Our future goals are to also offer Custom Picture Framing for Kid's Art. Keep your eyes open for more information on this, or give us a call if you would like to assist. Thank you in advance for any interest in Fisher's Art Fund!